Here's the new Coupe.  It's a 1976 US Spec model.  We bought it in May of 1999 and took the summer (and a little of the fall) to finish it.
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Page1: First Day at its New Home...

Engine: Original 7.8:1 V-12

Transmission: Original BW Model 12

Body: Very nice.  No rust apparent, with what appears to be original paint.  One small dent in right rear quarter panel.  Bumpers and chrome are without nicks or scratches.

Interior: Very 70's green leather.  The original carpets are without wear or discoloration, but the surface of the leather seats is lighter in color than the vinyl sides.  There is one tear on the driver's door pull, so I may just replace it.

The car doesn't run.  The Previous Owner had taken the car to an inexperienced mechanic to perform cylinder head renewal.  I think that the machine work on the heads is fine, but the valve clearances are set too tight (.002 total!) on a few cylinders.  The big problem though is that the mechanic attempted (somewhat successfully?) to rewire the injection harnesses completely, starting with the ECU harness in the center console and moving forward.  Nearly all of the original insulated connectors were replaced with the bare metal crimp on type, and the homemade wiring loom is not easy on the eyes.  The adjustable fuel pressure regulators were cranked down to their stops, so perhaps that explains that all the plugs were covered with black soot.  8 plugs were ACCEL brand, the other 4 were Bosch Platinum.

So now the choice is whether to attempt a fix on the existing (original #'s) engine, or to replace it entirely with an HE unit and accompanying 'P type' fuel injection.

The car really seems to be a nice example, save for the recent engine/injection mishap.  The original "Passport to Service" is filled out up till about 45,000 miles, so the car had regular dealer maintenance for at least the early part of its life.  Also, recent receipts that came with the car (from legitimate local Jaguar shops) total over $3000 for regular maintenance items.

We got the car for a decent price, but it's tough to know what troubles lurk in the various sub-systems.  The differential is wet with oil, though not as bad as our SIII before I rebuilt the diff seals/brakes/suspension last winter.  I topped the brakes up with DOT4, and they hold the car stopped.  The Power Steering reservoir is dry.  The A/C is disconnected.  The heater fans and servo pack did not respond to key-on power.  You all know how these things start out...

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